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I'm Alex, i'm a 22 year old due. Say hi :3

Anonymous said: Please don't listen to the other anions. They are doing this on purpose, its how they fuel their joy because they are low self esteem. They WANT to see you kill yourself because in a sick, twisted way that makes them feel superior. Don't let them win. This may be a hard time for you but you will find someone who will care for you unconditionally. There are probably people who do care in your life right now but you just don't see it. Please don't let them win.

Meh, i’ve sort of accepted that no one really WANTS to, its okay :P It sounds like i’m being a depressive fuck but honestly when people say they don’t like me / aren’t interested i’m not surprised. Sorta just reinforces how I already feel about things :p

Anonymous said: No, there won't be anyone. Who would honestly brag about even knowing you. Let alone spending time with you... You think people don't care about you because its true. You're a loser.


Anonymous said: soo, still feeling suicidal? That's what happens when you care too much. You don't give a fuck about yourself. You are the person people need. But, there's never and never will be someone there the way that you are. When you get all depressed, is there anyone even there? Does anyone TRY to talk to you or is it you miserably reaching a hand out when its too much? it seems that way. You're a joke.

No, there isn’t anyone. But I figure one day someone will give a shit, I just hope I make it to that day. Sounds super bitchy ugh…